Listen Up, Four Eyes

At the Global Game Jam 2017 my team made a game about tiny eyeball creatures discovering what sound is. Four players control the eyes moving them around on the screen until they find their spots on an invisible sound wave creating music around them!

Download the game here


Train Jam 2017! A hackathon on a train from Chicago to San Francisco booked completely with game developers from around the world. The theme was “unexpected anticipation.” My group made up of devs from Minneapolis, New York and Philadelphia made a four-player 3D flashlight tag game called Flashbang. After the jam the game was shown along with all the other train jam games at a booth at the Game Developers Conference! You can download the game here

Claw Breaker

Available now on Steam and! Claw Breaker is a head to head crab fighting game! Cut off your opponent’s claws to win or be a peaceful crustacean and collect all the starfish for a defensive victory. Battle on six different stages and hone your crab fighting style.