Version Control for Game Developers

At Glitch Connect 2017 I gave a talk and hands-on workshop about git version control for game developers. The talk gave an overview of basic git concepts and how to execute git commands on the command line. The workshop allowed participants to try out the commands by setting up repositories on their laptops and then sharing them with their neighbors using a flashdrive as a remote repository. The talk was one of the highest rated talks at Glitch Con according to anonymous feedback forms.


Train Jam 2017! A hackathon on a train from Chicago to San Francisco booked completely with game developers from around the world. The theme was “unexpected anticipation.” My group made up of devs from Minneapolis, New York and Philadelphia made a four-player 3D flashlight tag game called Flashbang. After the jam the game was shown along with all the other train jam games at a booth at the Game Developers Conference! You can download the game here