Version Control for Game Developers

At Glitch Connect 2017 I gave a talk and hands-on workshop about git version control for game developers. The talk gave an overview of basic git concepts and how to execute git commands on the command line. The workshop allowed participants to try out the commands by setting up repositories on their laptops and then sharing them with their neighbors using a flashdrive as a remote repository. The talk was one of the highest rated talks at Glitch Con according to anonymous feedback forms.

Prime Digital Academy

Prime is a four month course leading to a certificate in full stack software engineering focusing on web development and the MEAN stack including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, MongoDB and more. The later parts of the in classroom experience include working on an independent project and working on a group project for an outside client.

Nordeast Makers Space Machine Reservation System (Group Project)

GitHub Repository

Project description:

-The Makers Space needed a way to sign up new members efficiently and let current members reserve time on available machines
-The site allows users to quickly sign up for an account by integrating with the Freshbooks API to process payments and helps them share time on the machines by letting them reserve time slots on a calendar for each machine.
-Role: Project lead and backend developer.
-Tech used: MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js), Angular Material, Pug(Jade), Gulp

Southwest High School Costume Shop Costume Inventory Database (Solo Project)

GitHub Repository

Project description:

-The costume shop at Southwest High School needed a way to keep track of their costumes and know if they were checked out to a production
-The site helps the costume designers stay organized and choose the best costumes for the show with powerful search tools and the ability to check costumes in and out from a production
-Tech used: MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js), Bootstrap


Minnesota Senate

As a Programmer Analysts at the Minnesota State Senate I develop, code and deploy new web applications to support legislative and non-partisan staff activities. I am responsible for all parts of the development process from planning new projects, communicating with Senate users and designing code structure. Another big part of the job is documenting, maintaining, troubleshooting and improving existing Senate legacy applications. I also handle database administration, project management, web design and server administration.


Train Jam 2017! A hackathon on a train from Chicago to San Francisco booked completely with game developers from around the world. The theme was “unexpected anticipation.” My group made up of devs from Minneapolis, New York and Philadelphia made a four-player 3D flashlight tag game called Flashbang. After the jam the game was shown along with all the other train jam games at a booth at the Game Developers Conference! You can download the game here